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The organized nudism (FKK, Freikörperkultur) comes from Germany. First it came to the scene on the beginning of the twentieth century. It was the time of cultural activities, of taking off of the too tight collars and the time of the sharing of common values; there was the need for light, air and for a more natural way of living, as well as for a less restrictive clothing. The book of Neinrich Pudor "Cult of Nudity" became a kind of lighthouse in that period of time. In the year 1903 the Freilichtpark was opened near Hamburg, the first known nudist club. Shortly after that, Heinrich Ungewitter issued "Die Nacktheit" (Nudity), a Utopia about the life in total nudity. It became reissued several times.

The nudism movement grew very very fast and it became in Germany at that time very wide spread with large areas of nudist clubs near big German cities.

However as Adolf Hitler came to power at 1933, all organizations, which had nothing to do with National Socialism, were banned. Nudism in Germany withdrew itself into illegality and this in much reduced numbers.

But after the Second World War the idea caught on and, what more, it grew into international dimensions. One of the most important role in the spreading of nudism beyond the borders of Germany played the huge progress of the international tourism, where the citizens of other countries were confronted with the nudism in Germany. Also many German nudist spend their holidays at the Mediterranean sea on the territory of todays Croatia, where there were massively on the beginning of the 60-ties new nudist camps founded, because the Yugoslavs wanted to attract as many German tourists as possible. What the spread of the nudism in the US concerns, here played without any doubts the most important role the Hippies-movement. One of its basic features was just the group share of nudity.

At the beginning of the 90ties there was a further increase of nudism adherents, as steadily wider and more various society classes were affected. There arose even the phenomenon of so called "Christian naturism", as some evangelic denominations started to find support for nudism even in the bible. Under the pressure of circumstances even such conservative states as Spain, Italy and Greece were forced to establish official nudist beaches and resorts. There was in 1998 a press-release, that the first official nudist beach was opened even in such a country like Brazil.

Now if we take a look at the present times, nudist are no more considered by the vast majority of the public as crank people or "moral deviants" and they enjoy increasingly tolerance and understanding of the rest of the population, thanks mainly to the public work and bigger standard of knowledge. More and more people get inspired by the nudism movement and they become its members. Nudist groups are nowadays active in the most countries of the world. The asceticism of the early nudism (no cigarettes no alcohol, vegetarianism and the abandonment of material pleasures) was replaced by in some kind of a freer apprehension of life and also by a simple return of the man to the nature through nudism (naturism) on the beginning of the 21 century.

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